About us

We are here to DAZZLE you with our pristine jewels

When it comes to shopping for jewellery today’s customers have become experimental, emotionally cautious and practical. They want jewellery that resonates with their personality, is fashionable and speaks their mind.

We understand the modern-day consumer – You, your likes and your fondness for your jewels. Hence, we are diligent to – Deliver charming, affordable, stylish & contemporary wearable ornaments.

Who are We?

We are SHYNZO – an online platform housing designer, trendy & elegant jewellery to meet your likings.

Catering both men and women, we design and deliver a mix of unconventional & nature-inspired fine jewellery crafted with utmost precision. 

Chic and wearable, all our jewels are aesthetic pieces complementing your every attire and mood.

Come, explore and dazzle with the exquisite & pristine range of SHYNZO jewellery to elevate and please your whims. 

Adorn your presence with our extraordinary and finest jewellery, each narrating the enchanting story of their creation.

SHYNZO.COM is a part of our parent company Ecommtail

“It feels so light to wear SHYNZO’s Jewellry.”

~ Sakshi

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