Two-Layer Butterfly Necklace Alloy Gold Polish

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EDITH –Two-layer butterfly necklace Alloy Gold Polish

EDITH, our two-layer necklace, with a captivating butterfly pendant, is a gorgeous ornament, adding sensual ecstasy to your beauty. Made with classic alloy and polished with amber gold, it is a skin-friendly and graceful article for social butterflies and teenage girls. The necklace has small yet detailed and eye-catching butterfly charms on the upper layer. 

Style Notes:

Flaunt your delicate neckline with our minimalist beauty. Wear EDITH with your fancy outfits to match its sparkle. You can even rock a simple and casual look with it and enchant everyone with butterfly dust wherever you go. Wear it on your special evenings and dinner dates to exude OOMPH.


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