UV Tempered Glass For Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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UV Tempered Glass For Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

  • Please Note: Search on Youtube “How to Install Uv Glass”. Then watch 2-3 installation video.. important points.
  • (1)- if you don’t know how install it, please go to any mobile shop for installation.
  • (2) You can remove any type of bubbles before using UV light.
  • (3) Please do not blame product and glue quality if some bubbles are visible after installation because we sell top quality glass. So, bubbles formation depends on installtion process. if you install perfectly no bubbles will be visible.

Bonus Tip- Firstly remember you can only remove any bubble before using Uv light. If some bubbles are visible after pouring glue on your mobile phone, you can easily remove it. Press the bubble area and just try to push it outside. If you think bubble is coming again and again after pushing it outside, Then one more time push that bubble outside but do not remove your finger. Just hold it tightly. If you remove your finger bubble will come again. So, Use Uv light before removing your finger.

INFINITY GLASS: No Color edges, no dot matrix, Our case friendly screen protector tempered glass can well protect your entire new phone screen, including the rounded edges.
Premium 9H-Hardness Scratch-resistant can effectively protect your phone from unwanted scuffs and scratches.
Hydrophobic Oleophobic screen coating Protects Against Sweat and oil Residue from Fingerprints.

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